Our Artisans

ARLO'S HONEY FARM - KELOWNA Becoming an owner of Arlo’s Honey Farm started with the purchase of a jar of honey on our  doorstep which led to the caring of over 200 hives of honey bees, and a wonderful agri- tourism opportunity. 

Located in the hills of South East Kelowna and based on the philosophy of “healthy bees are happy bees”, we planted white clover, the base of our golden honey, and a long term nectar source.  We added water lines for the long hot Okanagan summers and transformed our market garden around the needs of the bees.  Increased berry crops, interspersed flowers with vegetables and finding crops to span the critical times for the bees,  early spring, mid-summer and late fall have been our focus. 

With clean hives, water, and a large variety of nectaries, the bees give us an abundance of Honey, Pollen, Bees Wax, and Propolis. 

Our honey has been a two time winner at the Inter Provincial Exhibition and most recently we were a finalist in the   Tourism and Hospitality Business Excellence Awards. 

The farm is open  for you to enjoy.   Our gift shop is a euphoria of bee goodness.  Tours of the farm require an appointment. Visit us :  www.arloshoneyfarm.com

KASLO SOURDOUGH is a family owned business, located in the West Kootenays of British Columbia. We have applied the skills, knowledge and experience of baking sourdough bread over the past 23 years, to a whole new food, the

world`s first sourdough pasta - `Pasta Fermentata`. We emphasize incorporating as many quality local ingredients as possible,
including buying directly from the farmer, sourcing organic ingredients when possible, and using the finest quality flours our country in known for. 

Together with our sourdough bacterial cultures and out intimate knowhow we have created this one of a kind pasta so the world can experience a real culinary delight. 
The outstanding flavour we have achieved is coupled with the latest research conducted at prominent universities, which substantiate the benefits of natural sourdough fermentation. These benefits include enabling proper digestion of gluten cereal grains such as wheat and rye, making nutrients more available for absorption and alleviating or even eliminating gluten sensitivities, intolerances and allergies. 
You will experience the ease of digestion, the exceptional flavour profile, and how quickly it cooks. The power of microbes - truly the `Ferment of Life.` 
For more information, please visit our website: www.microsour.com

KNIGHT'S FINE CHOCOLATES is located in the Black Knight Mountain area of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Knight's chocolate bars have quickly gained an excellent reputation due to their unique combination of chocolate, sour cherries and almonds. Knight’s uses a signature chocolate supplied in both dark and milk, which brings a unique and exceptional chocolate experience to your taste buds. The Montmorency cherries found in these bars are also grown in the family orchard. The mixing of cherries and almonds all blends together to create a high quality product which is guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate cravings.  Knight’s flagship chocolate bar comes in at at just over 2 1/2 pounds, helping to satisfy the cravings of any chocolate lover! Knight’s supplies gluten-free chocolate in all types and sizes. 

LAKE COUNTRY HARVEST We live and work in one of the most abundant valleys in North America. Our fruits and vegetables have the advantage of long hot summers, lake breezes and fresh air. We harvest them at their peak, and bring them to you in easy-to-store forms that give you a warm taste of the Okanagan summer every time you use them.

As we like to say, “All we add is air and love”. No sugars, no sulphites.

Our passion for health and loyalty to supporting the Okanagan tree fruit industry led us to creating a secondary product for the tree fruit industry. We build community by linking valley growers with a source of value added services and products.  Visit us at www.lakecountryharvest.com.


PIONEER  GOURMET COFFEE was founded by Luigi Cicchelli, a fourth-generation coffee roaster from Italy who moved to Canada to explore and develop his passion for giving customers the best possible cup of coffee. The Cicchelli family name has been closely associated with the coffee industry in Europe (specifically Italy) for decades. From a very young age Luigi learned a great deal about coffee from his family. With time and practice he developed a keen understanding of specific bean characteristics and what is needed to draw out each bean's unique qualities during the roasting process.

More than a decade later, and although Luigi loved the business, he felt it was time to retire. This is when My Cafe International PLC stepped in and purchased Pioneer Coffee from the Cicchelli's in   December of 2007, and changed the operating name to Cafe Invento in July of 2008.

MAPLE ROCH Pure Canadian Maple Syrup.  Producing less than 10 barrels of maple syrup each year from select maple trees grown in a unique soil composition, this fine Canadian maple syrup surpasses other maple syrups in quality, richness and dark colouring.

The Rioux family has been farming in the tiny Village de Saint-Isidore on the Acadian Peninsula of New Brunswick for the past 150 years.  This special maple syrup recipe has been carefully preserved and handed down through the many generations of the Rioux family.

This meticulously crafted 100% pure maple syrup is then sealed in a stainless steel container and shipped to Summerland, B.C. where it is bottled to share the bounty of the east with the west.

Over 150 Years of Family History in Every Bottle!

SUMMERLAND SWEETS – SUMMERLAND, B.C. Summerland Sweets is a family owned and operated business with roots in the Canadian food processing industry since the 1960’s.  Located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley we are blessed with liberal sunshine and warm weather.   Due to these wonderful growing conditions we are provided with delicious tree and vine ripened fruit which is abundant in natural flavour.

In the early 60‘s, Ted produced fruit jelly candies out of a pickers’ cabin in his cherry orchard to raise funds for the Rotary Club. What began as a fundraising effort grew into a retirement project and blossomed into Summerland Sweets Ltd.!  

Since its modest beginnings the company has grown considerably and now offers much more than just candy!  Today we have a full range of fruit based products including pancake syrups, gourmet jams, nut brittles, and gift packages.

By using our original family recipes we capture that flavour to make jams and syrups that taste just like homemade. 

Stop in for a free tour complete with product sampling and indulge in an ice cream cone while you're here.  Visit us: www.summerlandsweets.com.

TEABERRY'S FINE TEAS - KELOWNA Kelowna’s first and finest tea merchant, is a homegrown business located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We are in our twelfth year of operation as your best source for premium loose leaf teas and infusions.  Experience the exceptional quality and aroma of premium loose leaf teas. You’ll find a conspicuous absence of artificial flavours, chemicals and colourants in our products. Most of our teas are either ‘certified clean’ (guaranteed free of herbicides & pesticides) or ‘organic’. We are environmentally conscious and conscientious in what we carry – recycle, reduce, reuse. www.teaberrys.ca